Join us Monday night, June 15 @ 6pm at the AIANY’s Center for Architecture for a series of talks and panel discussion where ARExA Principal, Darrick Borowski will present his talk “The Generative Nature of Information.”

Transforming Architectural Practice 2015 #5 : Data-Driven Design

At a moment of more availability, transparency, and optimization in other fields, architects are increasingly being asked to bring evidence that our solutions can and will perform in a variety of arenas. These measures have ranged from financial to ecological. Now, social and human environmental factors are of growing concern in the built environment. This trend will develop quickly and be led by data. 

But where is the data? Where do new data sets come from? Who owns them? Who operates them? How can they be used to design and measure buildings differently? Once new data sets are identified, who is in charge of cleaning information? Finally, what are the tools we can use to manipulate these data sets for design optimization purposes? What are the benefits and risks of using this data from a legal or ethical perspective?

This session will explore these questions and more, drawing on case studies highlighting the use of data in other industries and encouraging architects to embrace the analysis and integration of data in the design process. Data-Driven Design represents the “People’s Choice” session to close the 2015 Transforming Architectural Practice Series.


Sarah Williams, Assistant Professor of Urban Planning, and Director, Civic Data Design Lab, MIT

Jeff Ferzoco, Founder, linepointpath

Darrick Borowski, Principal and Design Director, ARExA

Phil Kirschner, Director, Workplace Strategy, JLL