ARExA’s GreenLab project, a biologically inspired greenhouse, science lab and classroom, has been selected to be showcased at the ACADIA 2015 Exhibition.  This year’s theme COMPUTATIONAL ECOLOGIES, DESIGN IN THE ANTHROPOCENE, explores the how architecture and the design process itself, is evolving as designers grapple with the problems of this new geological era; an era in which humans, as much as any other force of nature, are responsible for massive changes to our planet.

About the conference…

The ACADIA 2015 conference, titled Computational Ecologies: Design in the Anthropocene, seeks to expand the topic of environmental discourse beyond purely practical issues of “performance” as a general means of engaging experimental contemporary design that explores aesthetic, conceptual, and even philosophical levels as well. In the context of such work, the discipline of architecture, conceived as both a technological and a cultural endeavor, becomes immersed in a much broader geophilosophical debate regarding the future of society and by extension the built environment in the age of the Anthropocene. The currated projects exhibition expands on the topic whicle featuring recent work by cero 9, Stefan Behnisch, NADAAA, New Territories, Philippe Rahm, allthatissolid , CASE, CODA, EASTON+COMBS, ENDEMIC, form-ula, Geofutures, Cesare Griffa , HANNAH, Ciro Najle + Lluis Ortega, pneumastudio, and Terreform ONE.

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